Welcome to my new blog! It's static, too!

I’ve decided to bite the bullet and finally get a decent blogging system (i.e., not Tumblr + Syte). I already write all my blog posts in a text editor first, so I needed 1) something that would use Markdown or ReStructuredText or whatever the current favourite is and 2) generate static pages (why? to simplify my mental model of my website, mainly).

I looked at a lot of options and two stood out - Hyde and Ruhoh. Even though I’m a Pythonista and I am really comfortable with Django, I went with the latter as it just clicked with what I wanted.

Yes, it’s written in Ruby but guess what - I didn’t need to write a single line of Ruby to get this (admittedly simple) site going.

So far, so good. Don’t disappoint me, Ruhoh.

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