Multi-device deployment with IntelliJ/Android Studio

If you’re just back from a hike in the Tibetan mountains, you might have missed the fact that Google announced Android Studio during the keynote at I/O. It’s nice to see that Google, too, appreciates the quality of JetBrains’ work. Personally, I’ve been using IntelliJ at work for a few weeks now and I would never look back to the mess that is Eclipse + ADT.

Android's matryoshka problem

Android has a fragmentation problem. No, not that fragmentation problem. The Fragments fragmentation problem.

Welcome to my new blog!

I’ve decided to bite the bullet and finally get a decent blogging system (i.e., not Tumblr + Syte). I already write all my blog posts in a text editor first, so I needed 1) something that would use Markdown or ReStructuredText or whatever the current favourite is and 2) generate static pages (why? to simplify my mental model of my website, mainly).