An improved sliding pane for Android

Recently, the generous folks at Google released version 13 of the Support Library. In it, among other things like the newly made official Navigation Drawer, is the SlidingPaneLayout (which, I believe, debuted in the new Hangouts app).

Multi-device deployment with IntelliJ/Android Studio

If you’re just back from a hike in the Tibetan mountains, you might have missed the fact that Google announced Android Studio during the keynote at I/O. It’s nice to see that Google, too, appreciates the quality of JetBrains’ work. Personally, I’ve been using IntelliJ at work for a few weeks now and I would never look back to the mess that is Eclipse + ADT.

Android's matryoshka problem

Android has a fragmentation problem. No, not that fragmentation problem. The Fragments fragmentation problem.